Too Easy

A snippet inspired by my drive home the other evening.

Sometimes life feels too easy: driving home with a belly just slightly too full with indulgences well after dark and your legs tingle while your feet float away from the pedals. You’re a sliver of waste in a river and in its entirety you become nothing; your doing and undoing go unnoticed and unclaimed. Here, in this vast flow, your end does not make you a martyr, it simply marks that you once were and now are not.

A brief weightlessness, a frightening reprieve from life’s cement yoke which seems always to ride heavy on your shoulders, seems unreal. You don’t feel this way. Life for you is a pulpy affair that clogs and stymies its own flow leaving you little energy to do even the simplest things.


Of a friend’s passing, I wrote:

The evening lulled into me hulking chills and a blanket of deep, grey lead for my heart. An odd sense of disconnection and guilt dusted my synapses as my thoughts stretch through the clouds to pierce the sky as though a flame, gently flicked by turbulent wind, grew from my ear.

I forget to speak to the dead sometimes.


I dreamt last night of a woman who kept the dead and spent her days caring for hornets that flew through her yard. I watched her work from afar knowing within the security of her house souls slept.

Twilite Snippet

Between us grew a topical understanding of wavering normalcy and its weight in our minds became a steady thread slipped through a shivering needle and shoved unceremoniously through an existence as soft as burlap. Those patterns so similar they turned polarized. Those minds so alike they reflected antitheses. Washed in a sameness full of discomfort as startling as a slightly too-warm pool grown green with algae.

“You’re farther from existing than ever you’ve been!” She pummeled the words like origami swans against a rain-slicked umbrella. I, less acrobatic and feeling jovial, numbed my tongue with dirty slush.

Claustrophobia encroached, ever so tenderly, leaving no space for air for the walls were vacuumed against us. Other patrons pressed frightened away, clawing to separate our molten bodies.

Grounded deep in labyrinths of roots with thoughts set free through cracked third eye, the earth-man dallies in tectonic dreams.


A very bad scan of my drawing in-progress.

A very bad scan of my drawing in-progress.

Grounded deep in labyrinths of roots with thoughts set free through cracked third eye, the earth-man dallies in tectonic dreams.

Grounded deep in labyrinths of roots with thoughts set free through cracked third eye, the earth-man dallies in tectonic dreams.

My ArtPrize submission was off to a stubborn start so I took a break to make some soap and do a small graphite drawing of a forest-beast-man. I may still go back and add some darker shades with an ebony pencil to give it a little more zest, but at the moment I’ll try my hand at painting again. Wish me luck!

Featured Image -- 1663

CFA: Summer at thegallery8680

Originally posted on artseen:

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Thegallery8680 is looking for submissions for their newest show: summer.

To submit work, email 1-5 images in 300 dpi digital format.  Please keep files well organized and manageable.  List the size, media and description of works.  An artist statement is required with the submission.  All submissions should be in JPEG files.  Cloud, web pages or Drop Box submissions are not accepted.

submission of 1 to 3 pieces =$12  More than 3 submissions are $5 each.

gallery requirements

  • Art should be ready-to-hang with secure wiring; secured wire that does not stretch [eventually appearing above the work].  Hanging apparatus attached that supports the weight of the…

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A Few Things Upon Which to Step between Dallas & Sarasota

I recently had the pleasure of driving from Dallas, Texas to Sarasota, Florida, then back again with my father. The weather was beautiful the entire way, the traffic was light and the trip was a lot of fun, especially a particularly drunken night I had in Jackson, Mississippi.
I have always loved my feet; even their blobby, lovely piles of bones and calluses elicit nothing shy of adoration from me so it is natural to me I photograph them in their various adventures. They experience many things.

To Florida & Back

To Florida & Back

To Florida & Back

To Florida & Back
Don’t forget to let your eyes wander.