Ink & Enamel & Bone

Ink & Enamel & Bone Ink & Enamel & Bone

Yesterday I took time to create some new art. I had amassed a small collection of animal skulls (and a couple of other various bones) with the intention of creating something new with them. I don’t remember from where I attained this skull: it was either given me by a friend, or I found it in an antique shop. It had a poorly-applied silver spray paint over it’s entire surface, which did not adhere well to the bone and was chipping and flaking away. After spending a few seasons outside, most of the spray paint was gone, only a little remained in the guarded parts of the skull; it was ready for some experimentation.

Given the porous nature of the bone and the tendency of old bones to dry and crumble, I felt a very fluid medium would work best and decided to use sumi ink and a metallic enamel. Lucky for me, they both permeated the bone and stayed on the surface – as opposed to soaking in completely and looking very faded. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Burnace the Furnace Burnace Concept Sketches

I also spent a good part of the day yesterday working on a little ink drawing of a dragon. I’ve recently become enamored with a mobile game, and it has revived in me a passion for things fantastic and whimsical. (That, and reading more of late has fired up my imagination, as well.) I generally don’t spend much time planning a drawing, which is a lazy trait I am working on breaking, and decided to do some quick concept/composition sketches before beginning. I even did a light pencil underdrawing before putting ink to vellum! You can see the gap between my initial ideas and final execution – I find it entertaining.

This month is NaNoWriMo & NaPhoPoMo (National Novel Writing Month & National Photograph Posting Month) and I’ve yet to begin anything! I have a sliver of an idea for a story I might write, but nowhere near enough of an idea to hit the 50,000 word goal. My hope is that once I begin writing the story emerges of its own accord. I just discovered NaPhoPoMo today, and may well have a go at that, too!

Just a note to those interested: both the skull & Burnace are for sale. Contact me for more information.

The ArtSeen Studio Tour was a blast!

IMG_9449 IMG_9450 IMG_9447 IMG_2172

This weekend I was set up in the garage at Fresh Paint Studio for the 5th annual ArtSeen Studio Tour – I had a great time! The weather ended up being perfect, the company was superb and there were several people who enjoyed my art! (They enjoyed it so much, in fact, they took it home!) Above are some snapshots from the event of my cozy garage set up. It was perfect because the wind couldn’t get to my small paper works and wreak havoc.

I’ve attended several of the previous ArtSeen Studio Tours, but this is my first time participating in one. While it was a shame to miss out on the other tour stops, I had so much fun sharing my art with people.

I am so grateful and appreciative of Misty (Fresh Paint Studio) for inviting me to participate and hosting my art for the duration of the tour!

You can see a couple more photos on my Flickr, most of which are of Misty’s gorgeous garden.

artseen Studio Tour

Polyp's Gaze

This weekend I’m locked away in my studio painting. I know – it’s been a while. I’m glad to be back to it, and even more glad for the opportunity which has spurned me on to actually painting again: the artseen studio tour!

Click picture to visit event page for more details!

Click picture to visit event page for more details!

The weather should be lovely and the company even better. Come visit the tour to see some great art by local artists, enjoy small snacks, and update your collection with a masterpiece or two. I’m located at stop #13c (One of my favorite numbers, how fortuitous!) as a guest of Fresh Paint Studio – 7644 Williams Avenue in Frisco, Texas. Visit to learn more about me, and the other artists on the tour.

A Lover’s Flowers

IMG_1535Practicing practicing practicing!

Well, mostly I’ve been practicing singing and photography. I like drenching my pictures in shadow and dark, I think it adds drama. It’s also easier for me to do than pictures flooded with light. I hope as I progress and train my eye I’ll gain a proficiency for handling lots of light.

And ever so slowly I’m working drawing back into my routine. Hopefully I’ll have some drawings to upload here before next week.


A Weekend & A Cat

Polyp Reclining

My fellow’s cat is generally a great model for practicing as she sits at length by the window looking regal and at ease. On occasion she develops a keen interest in the camera and makes efforts to rub her face on it while I’m attempting to take her picture. It’s pretty cute, if mildly agitating.

Small Forest King

I’ve been slowly regaining ground in my creative endeavors – finding some semblance of balance between the many things calling out to me: soap-making, drawing, painting, photography, writing, singing. I still feel an overwhelming emotional fatigue much of the time, but it does seem to be slowly receding. Part of what has helped is the book club I began with my friend: reading gets me out of head and away from my woes for a spell.

I still plan on making a valiant go at drawing/painting 1,000 faces this year, though I can’t help but laugh when I think or speak of it.

November’s approach raises in me trepidation and excitement: November marks the anniversary of a loved one’s passing and I think I’ll participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I had the luck of being self-employed during November and so had ample time to devote to writing. I also had a kernel of an idea for my story; whereas this year, I am employed full-time and haven’t a clue what I would like write about.

Maybe my increased writing will inspire more frequent blog posts; I know I’ve neglected this year.

Biding The Time

When your lover is away your eyes recollect tears quickly and easily and your throat is full of frogs. This evening is damned and the only saving grace is the astringent brew in your glass. Your creeping sadness licks at your heels as it follows you from room to room, yelping and yowling for your remembrance. Carry it and it flays the flesh, release it and your mind snaps from the resounding recoil of the elastic, ever-healing burden.

The faces on the screen all look like facets of pain and suffering and I can’t help but weep for them.

All I want is to envelope them in my arms and soothe their woes away.

The faces on the screen and look like facets of pain and suffering and I can’t help but weep for myself.