One week down, several to go.

The first week of school is over, and I’m a little tired. This semester promises to be a busy one.

This week I did an illustration for a group challenge on redbubble, the challenge was to draw something with the theme “Father and Son.” Here is my entry:

A charming portrait of a proud father and his son.
Yes, his son has a tiny mustache.

Here you can see that the lad takes after his father.

Mixed media on Bristol vellum.
Approximately 5.6″ by 7.6″
Prints of various sizes are available on redbubble here.
Original for sale: $100.
If you are interested in purchasing “Father & Son” you may contact me at

I have also done a little drawing of an elephant as a piece of gift art.

 “This is Wilma, the elephant. She likes to keep her mind busy, as you can see. At the moment I drew her she had quite a lot going through her mind. She was pondering everything from mice and lions to her son and what leaves she might have for supper.
An elephant’s work is never done.”

Ink on cardstock.
Card prints of Wilma are available for sale here

I draw little pictures, and write little stories on their backs. The stories are usually inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories.”

Post Revival is in the planning stage, stay tuned for updates. If you would care to sign up to receive an altered post card or gift image and letter from me send me an e-mail at


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