Productive Weekend

I did a couple of small gift art images to be sent with Post Revival notes.

The first, a siren, will go out in the mail tomorrow to my friend whose husband is at sea with the Navy for months at a time.


“Annabelle is a kind siren, quite unlike her sisters who take great pleasure in the demise of man.
She has befriended the sea and freed herself of her island home.
She now keeps watch with the gulls and albatross over those who travel the sea.”

Ink on cardstock.

I have yet to send out this one:
“Roane, a selkie, was once a maiden of the sea, but her seal skin was taken from her. Now she spends her days dreaming of the cool tide and freedom.
Though she looks solemn she is a creature of simple delights: she revels in the rain and adores the scent of ripe tomatoes.
Her knowledge of joy is as boundless as the sea.”

Prints on cards available here.
Ink on cardstock.

I think I’ll send her to a cousin.

I sent this little picture to my young cousin. She enjoys ducks, and her favorite color is yellow, so I’m pretty sure she’ll like it.
“This is Mama Duck and her two ducklings playing in the rain. They like rainy days best!” 

Acrylic and ink on cardstock.

And this is the piece that started it all:
“Dimitri knew that after spending six months in the city things back home had changed. By the time he returned the town was awash with consonants. Dimitri’s stash of vowels was running dangerously low. He knew what had to be done; a man cannot shirk his duties. Dimitri would have to perform an interpretive dance to summon vowels from the wild.”

Acrylic and ink on postcard.
I sent this one to an acquaintance from redbubble who lives in Australia on the 21st of August. I don’t think it’s arrived yet since one was sent to me the day before. I’ll be sure to post a scan of the one I receive once it arrives.

If you’d care to get in on the Post Revival fun, e-mail me at


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