Special Packages

The first of the special packages! Until they’ve been received I’ll only post this one.

 This is bound for San Antonio.
This is the back. You can see a young lady who sustains herself primarily on air and water (You are what you eat.) wistfully looking at the sugar plum fairies hoping they will be kind enough to grant her a cupcake.

Here is a rather scruffy sneaky mouse on the front of a smaller package inside the envelope. Only the mouse and I know what treasures are inside.

This is a small book I made for my friend. The cover is shark skin paper and is velvet-smooth.
I had already written in it, next time I make one I’ll get some better pictures. Hopefully I’ll also do a better job of sewing shapes. (I’m a novice seamstress, go easy on me.)

There is another special package and two postcards going out tomorrow with this one, but as I said I’ll wait until they’ve arrived at their destinations to post pictures.

Wilma is now in the care of my sister.

If you’d care to receive something let me know: e-mail me at postrevival@yahoo.com.


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