All apologies

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Many thanks to my glorious friend at A&M for helping rid me of that horrid fog that’s been clouding my mind for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing, not nearly as much as I ought to be doing though. I’ll get to it ASAP.

Before I fell into my malaise I managed to squeeze out a little picture to send to my friend out in Utah.“Time, the devourer of all things.”

I have a deck (of sorts) of cards that have pretty patterns on one side, and letters on the other. I chose a G card, and drew a little ‘perfect’ girl, with a rather heavy quote from Ovid floating above her head.
I’m not really quite sure of her relation to the quote. Does she understand it? Is she thinking about it? Is she too simple to comprehend it?
Looks can be deceiving.

 Koh-I-Noor ink on paper.


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