Clouds above me

I’ve been exhausted the past week; might be the weather, storms rolling in messing with my joints and head and all the aches that entails. I am really enjoying this weather, though, and have been running a veritable, slow-paced muck in it.

Finally got back to art after several weeks of not being able to go near my brushes without cringing a bit. I’m glad whatever kept me from creating has moved on.

The above are for sale. Make me an offer if interested: Most measure less than 5″ by 5″ and were done with acrylic ink on various fancy papers.

The below will most likely be sent to friends.

I finished Dream Tigers and have since moved on to The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, interesting read, difficult emotionally for me but I like a challenge.


I’m back on the prowl searching for employment opportunities that will afford me the lifestyle I want: enough for rent, transportation and sustenance.

Also, thank you to miss AnnaJCook of the feminist librarian and The Pursuit of Harpyness for featuring my Harpy in a post!


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