Bolivar was great!

Thanks to the lovelies who put together Bolivar for letting us participate again! My fellow, our guests and I all had wonderful times at the show! We lucked into seeing Jurassic Park, the Musical at the show, which was a cheeky rendition of the blockbuster. Thanks also to our friends for coming out to show their support!

Due to a last minute complication caused by ‘the man,’ the event switched locations and was hosted by the Simone Lounge.

My fellow and I hung our art side-by-side at this month’s Bolivar Arts & Music Collective show, which was awesome. I’m excited to see us pursuing art together and meeting with success. On top of that, we’re meeting some really talented and cool people!

My fellow and his cousin’s fiance. We’re incredibly grateful for their support!

Justin’s photographs and my paintings. I think they look pretty good together.

Some art by Alexis Boots, who was kind enough to host my art at Gala 13.

One artist sold nifty hanging terrariums. I was sorely tempted to purchase some but the evening got away from me before I was able to.

Lauren Stout of Gangfeather was showing at this month’s Bolivar show, too.

I wore one of her awesomely soft and cute Gangfeather shirts.

Some lovely metal jewelry with plenty of sparklies.

Some fashionable feather hair adornments.

A lot of great art.

And Jurassic Park the Musical!

It was a great day which ran into a wonderful evening. If you haven’t checked out the Simone Lounge in Denton, you ought to. I’m glad they hosted the event, else we’d’ve been out on the street! The staff was friendly and the venue itself is posh without any pretension. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

In other news: I was recently given a quill pen set, which I hope to start playing with soon. Hopefully I get back into mail art, I miss sending surprises through the post.


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