Birthday Weekend

I had a bittersweet birthday this year: graced by wonderful friends, family and my ever-loving boyfriend I had an amazing time celebrating and sharing experiences but the shadow of melancholy wouldn’t lift from my thoughts. It’s starting to clear now but a new one is building in anticipation of the fall months.

I’m doing my best to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the good things in my life, which are many.

My fellow took me to the DMA and Nasher Sculpture Garden the day before my birthday. It was an amazingly good time. We ended up purchasing another Semiotext(e) book, Where Art Belongs while at the Nasher. I’ve only put down a few pages but it promises to be an interesting read.

My absolute favorite thing was Martin Creed’s installation: Work No. 1190: Half the air in a given space.

My delighted self and my wonderful boyfriend inside Work No. 1190: Half the air in a given space, it was a blast.

We also went on a picture-taking excursion near Lamar and I-30. Turns out Baghdad, Dallas has been completely demolished!

I have a few more posted to my flickr.

Now that the celebration is done I’m shifting my focus back to building my art stash, increasing it’s visibility and attaining more of my personal goals. It should all make for a lovely summer, fall and winter.


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