Premiere 23 Artist Alexis Ann Boots

Premiere 23 logo designed by the lovely Alexis Ann Boots.

I’m lucky to be a friend of the lovely lady behind the swank galas and sensual art: Miss Alexis Boots. She’s a driven and perceptive individual who sets the bar high for herself and accomplishes great things. I have no doubt that her new event planning company, Red Kru Productions will do at least as well as the art galas she hosts.

She’s kind enough to host my art at her galas, so the least I can do is feature her first!

From Alexis’ Web site:

I have always had a flare for the dramatic which earned me the nick name Hollywood at home. No surprise that I enjoy expressing myself through charcoal since it is so motile.  I can push it around on a canvas to make scenes that capture the raw beauty of human sensuality.

Alexis is happy to accomodate requests for art commissions and will soon have prints of her work available, so be sure to keep current with her goings-on by signing up on her recently launched Web site,!

Remember: Premiere 23 is by invitation only, so e-mail Alexis at to request your invitation.


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