Premiere 23 Artist Mandi Ainsworth

Premiere 23 logo designed by the lovely Alexis Ann Boots.

An artist trading card delicately beaded by Mandi.

A good friend of mine, Mandi Ainsworth, introduced me to Alexis Boots. Mandi works primarily with beads; something that requires great attention to detail and a flourishing creativity. Mandi is incredibly ambitious and has recently gone full-time with her bead business, Bead Circle, and has lofty goals. I have every confidence she’ll accomplish them!

A cute bracelet crafted by Mandi. She does necklaces, as well.

Mandi doesn’t restrict herself to beading, though, she also dallies here and there in the craft of book-making. For those who haven’t done it: it’s a tedious task that requires a lot of patience.

Mandi also teaches others the art of beading and will, in the near future, host seminars and classes across the United States. Be sure to check her Web site,, for more information and great resources on beading.

Remember: Premiere 23 is by invitation only, so e-mail Alexis at to request your invitation.


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