Premiere 23 Artist Laura Garabedian

Premiere 23 logo by Alexis Ann Boots of Red Kru Productions.

I met Laura at Gala 13; she’s a beautiful and talented artist who is quite prolific, as well. She explained that recently she’s been fond of doing small art cards: art you can carry with you. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend keeping a piece of art in your wallet if you want it to last long.

Laura has a degree in illustration from Texas A&M University – Commerce and is looking to make good on her education by pursuing the life of an independent visual artist.

From her Web site, Laura’s bio says of her:

Since starting out on this adventure, Laura has come to truly appreciate the love and dedication it takes to be an artist. Traveling to various conventions, interacting with amazing people, and getting a chance to bring to life anything from hookah smoking foxes, pet portraits, life in Afghanistan, to even turning children’s rooms into groves of flighty forest creatures; has taught Laura about the diversity an artist can experience.

I’m particularly fond of Laura’s Tree Creature and ink work. Her Web site,, features a wide range of her portfolio and has information for interested collectors.

Remember: Premiere 23 is by invitation only, so e-mail Alexis at to request your invitation.


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