Premiere 23 Artist Bryan Noonen

Premiere 23 logo by the owner of Red Kru Production, Miss Alexis Ann Boots.

Bryan showed his work at Gala 13 and met with success! It was a busy evening and I didn’t get much opportunity to chat with him, but I think he sold two or three pieces.

Bryan works in acrylic paint on canvas and concentration is on abstract, stark paintings of trees and highly emotive non-objective pieces that are often inspired by and his experiences at his 9-5. He uses his art as both an emotional outlet: jagged, frustrated abstract, and as meditation: graceful trees in soft environments.

Bryan does not have a Web presence, so you’ll have to visit him at the Premiere in order to purchase some of his art. I’m excited to see what new pieces he’s come up with!

Remember: Premiere 23 is by invitation only, so e-mail Alexis at to request your invitation.


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