Premiere 23 Artists

Premiere 23 logo designed by the splendid Miss Alexis Ann Boots of Red Kru Productions.

Taken from

23 Spetember 2011: Premiere 23 a night for artists to display their artistic skills and be able to give back to the community. The evening will host several artists who will have their works for sale throughout the evening and each artist will donate a work for auction to raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank.

I’m incredibly excited about participating and grateful for the opportunity afforded me by Alexis. I’m also grateful for a chance to flex my creativity and give something back to the community, hopefully helping someone in need.

There will be many artists featured at Premiere 23 and the diverse crafts, styles and talent coupled with delicious food, wine and a great atmosphere promise to make this evening amazing.

Julie Brochu

Beadwork by Julie Brochu.

Painting by Julie Brochu.

Julie’s art features abstract figures, vivacious colors and interesting textures. She also creates intricate beaded jewelry. I met her briefly at Gala 13 and look forward to seeing her again at Premiere 23.

Nika Brochu

Painting by Nika Brochu.

Painting by Nika Brochu.

Nika is the talented daughter of Julie Brochu and will be showing at Premiere 23. She uses highly expressive colors and strokes and works in both the abstract and non-objective realm.

Austin Hanks

Art by Austin Hanks.

Art by Austin Hanks.

Austin is a fashion designer who will be selling his finished sketches at Premiere 23. I’m looking forward to meeting him at Premiere 23! Maybe he’ll be so kind as to give me some fashion pointers.

Michael Lewis

Painting by Michael Lewis.

Painting by Michael Lewis.

I’ve only seen two of his pieces but I’m already a fan of Michael Lewis’ work. I’m very excited to meet him and see what else he has to show at Premiere 23!

So that’s as much as I know of Premiere 23. The rest will be a delightful surprise!

From the Premiere 23 Facebook event page:

The evening is by invitation only, so if you wish to come email Alexis Boots at: There will be a $20 door fee and raffled items in addition to the auction which starts at 8:30. The attire is cocktail, the event will be catered and have beer and wine, children will be happier left home, so arrange your sitter ASAP and we all hope to see you there!


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