Hello 2012

The beginning of each year, historically, invigorates me. I’m full of hope and the idea of an entire year stretched out before me gives me a sense of ease.

I’ve always been fond of new year’s resolutions: it’s a chance to refocus on what is actually important to me, to clear away any mental clutter that has accrued throughout the previous year and to put the past behind me. Last year I set three pretty serious goals for myself, and excelled at one of them: participate in one art show. I need to keep a log of shows I participate in, but I think last year I hit at least 5, which is quite good, I think, considering I’ve not been in one before! My other goals were to lose 30 pounds and to take significant strides toward opening my own business. Well, I did lose 5 pounds! I also learned a lot about myself, which is invaluable.

This year I’ve decided to set more realistic goals: show some of my photography, aim for a healthier lifestyle and do something every day that benefits my art and developing that as a career. Pretty reasonable, I’d say. One unofficial goal I have is to revive Post Revival. Most of my recipients have moved and I haven’t kept up with their addresses. If you’re interested in receiving some artsy post cards, drop me a line!

So, in the spirit of the new year, I present the first piece finished this year, began two weeks ago:

Wood NymphAs Yet Untitled
© 2012 Kelly Jacobi
5″ by 7″
Graphite on Mat Board

Grazing upon sprouts,
Nimble, deft and naïve,
Down, sent from roots and
Eyes lit by sun,
She takes what she feels due,
Her grace lost amid brambles and thorns.

Years have passed since I last did a piece in graphite and I was feeling a little nostalgic, so I broke out my Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencils and got to work. The preliminary sketch was incredibly simple and extremely small, so outside the general composition this was improvised. Very slowly improvised, but improvised none the less!

Here’s to a new year!


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