Illustration Friday: Lonely

I thought this week’s word was pretty and a lonely shepherd seemed an easy subject. I imagine although he is prone to loneliness he’s free to contemplate what he will sans distraction.

© 2012 Kelly Jacobi
6″ tall by 8.5″ wide
Ink and Watercolor on Mat board

My birthday inspired a little bit of melancholy which, when paired with my early mornings at work, has caused a rather significant exhaustion in me. I’m bored and agitated with it for waylaying my creative efforts so long but know sometimes these things just need to ride their course.

© 2011 Kelly Jacobi
4″ tall by 4″ wide
Ink on Fancy Paper

Descent is actually an older piece I created specifically for my Post Revival project but delayed sending. Now, a little under a year later, she’s going into the mail to her long anticipated home. I hope my friend likes her!


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