Miscellaneous Updates

My fellow and I recently participated in the 3 x 3 Show hosted by 2ND Thursday. I think the show was a great success: great art, a good turn-out, a lot of fun and tasty beverages for all.

My three submissions to the 3 x 3 show.

This week has been busy celebrating my fellow’s birthday. It’s been an absolutely lovely week full of treats and friends! I’ve surprised him a couple of times; the first being a pretty new Pork Pie snare packaged up like a puppy, the second being a small inferno of a cupcake presented when I arrived home from work.

35 candles.

Happy birthday!

Job done!

Tomorrow we’ll finish up celebrations with a family dinner and some cake. I baked a crushed black pepper spice cake with a brown sugar frosting for the occasion. It promises to be delicious!

I added some glazed walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder for a little extra fanciness.
(Recipe here, for those who are interested.)

Also, my painting, Somber Thoughts, was accepted into the Visual Arts Society of Texas 2013 calendar.

Somber Thoughts
© 2011 Kelly Jacobi
4′ high by 2′ wide
Ink on Wood Panel

Somber Thoughts will be on display from November 1, 2012 though January 3, 2013 in the exhibition VAST 2013 Calendar Exhibition: Original Works at The Chestnut Tree. I’ll post more details as I learn them including information pertaining to the opening reception and how to purchase your own copy of the VAST 2013 Calendar.


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