12 Hours 2 Days

I’m not sure if you were aware, but the Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour was in Austin last weekend. My fellow and I decided to pay it a visit.

Checking out books.
It’s my book! In tact and in Austin.
My fellow had a look-see at my book.

We arrived in Austin at about 6 pm Friday evening and went straight to Co-Lab to check out the Sketchbook Project Library. The show was pretty mellow and we were lucky to have a break in the constant drizzle that hit the middle of the state earlier that week. The weather was beautiful and aside from the multitudes of mosquitos it was a perfect day for sitting outside.

Action shot.
A more refined shot of me in slow-motion action.

There was a table set up for “Tour Mail,” so you could create some mail art for subsequent stops on the tour. As Austin was the last tour destination for a while my tour mail has gone to the Brooklyn Art Library for safekeeping.


Upon waking Saturday morning we got busy driving. Four hours later we found ourselves in San Angelo, Texas, where I was to drop off two of my paintings at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art.

© 2012 Kelly Jacobi
48″ tall by 24″ wide
Mixed Media on Panel
© 2012 Kelly Jacobi
48″ tall by 24″ wide
Mixed Media on Panel

I know: such terribly creative titles for them!

These two were painted for the 1st Annual Chicken Fund Show. The opening is Thursday, September 20th at The Coop Gallery, 427 South Oakes Street, San Angelo, Texas. Proceeds from the show benefit the Roger Allen Ceramics Scholarship, so any art purchased goes to help a student further their education.

We stopped by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art to drop off my paintings then headed to The Old Chicken Farm Art Center to meet the people behind the Chicken Fund Show.

The SAMFA had a great view from their roof.
My fellow enjoying his environs.
The Old Chicken Farm Art Center

After walking the farm and meeting a few people, including Roger Allen, we grabbed a quick lunch then made haste to Dallas. Quite a weekend! Now it’s back to the grindstone painting away to meet more submission deadlines.


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