ArtPrize 2012

My fellow and I took a trip to Grand Rapids for the opening weekend of ArtPrize 2012.

We had a direct flight, so it was pretty easy. Our plane was minuscule: we felt a lot like sardines in a can. Upon arriving in Grand Rapids we checked in at our hotel and made our way to Pub 43 to say hello and thank you to the people hosting my painting throughout the event.

The rest of the weekend was spend wandering throughout the city center and enjoying art. It was everywhere: in offices, banks, restaurants, stores, churches, parks and museums. Below are a couple snapshots from the weekend.

Installation by Katherine Renee Gaudy
The Junkyard Music Box by Tom Kaufmann

Yours truly!
Photo by my handsome fellow, Justin Schaefers.

Why you should participate in next year’s ArtPrize:

ArtPrize Awards

In 2012, ArtPrize will distribute $560,000 in prizes, $360,000 by public vote, and $200,000 by the professional jury, making the competition the world’s largest art prize based on total monetary prizes distributed.

Public Vote

ArtPrize asks the public to vote and decide the winners using mobile devices and the Internet. Ten winners are chosen in two rounds of voting. First place receives $200,000, second $75,000, third $50,000, and fourth through tenth each receive $5,000.

Juried Awards

ArtPrize presents six juried awards, five for artists and one for a venue. The Juried Grand Prize is selected by a committee of three, the other five awards are each chosen by a single juror with the help of local professionals.

  • Juried Grand Prize – $100,000
  • 2-D Work – $20,000
  • 3-D Work – $20,000
  • Time/Performance-Based Work – $20,000
  • Best Use of Urban Space – $20,000
  • Outstanding Venue – $20,000 (awarded to the curator of a venue, not an artist)

While I don’t anticipate winning anything this year, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to display my work to a massive audience (just under 30,000 art voters have registered and there are still three weeks to go) and to experience the event as a spectator and participant.


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