Some Art in Dallas Tonight

Hello all! In case you’ve nothing to do, or perhaps something less than exhilarating to partake of, here are a couple of events you might like:

Owen Jones at the Dallas Omni

Tonight from 6 – 9 stop by the Omni for Owen’s solo show reception.
Owen is a multifaceted artist who often shoots street photography and makes sculptural works, most of which are vibrant, quirky faces.

"Owl" Commissioned work by Owen Jones.
Commissioned work done by Owen Jones

Animal House

Animal House from Fresh Kaufee on Vimeo.

I’ll be doing some live painting at this show and there is a great line up of performers and DJs throughout the night!

The Skull

Artist John Gonzales of Diablo Texas is releasing his first hand made, designer resin toy!
Stop by Atama at 5307 Mockingbird Lane in Dallas between 6:30 and 8:30 tonight for a chance to purchase your own skull or some other Diablo Texas art!

"The Skull" Designer Resin Toy By John Gonzales
“The Skull”
Designer Resin Toy
By John Gonzales

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