Prostinaut! at J&J's Pizza on the Square!
Prostinaut! at J&J’s Pizza on the Square!

My fellow’s band is playing tonight and I’ll be there cheering them on, selling some t-shirts and taking pictures. :)


3 thoughts on “Tonight!

  1. hope it rocks – nice poster. I went past a table of guys at a restaurant today all wearing wrap around glasses looking like lost roadies – were they supposed to be with you?

    1. Thanks, Chas! It was a fun show. There were some hipsters hanging around, so it’s likely those poor souls with the wrap around glasses got lost on their way. :)

      1. Next time I see them I’ll point them in the right direction (wish I’d been brave enough to take a photo) – there was no sun out so assume they had a pact about wearing sunnies en masse for other reasons ..

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