September Face 10

Tom Waits
Tom Waits

For today’s drawing I found a nice black and white photograph of Tom Waits online and drew from that. After a long absence from drawing I’m beginning to feel as though I’m getting back into the swing of it. Hopefully that trend keeps up and by the end of the month I’m a drawing fiend!

My rendition of Mr. Waits has an elongated head and some off angles resulting in wonky ears but drawing is certainly becoming more fluid with each face.


14 thoughts on “September Face 10

  1. The is the most wonderful drawing. It has everything I admire and love – simple black on white, loose expressive drawing, the speed of the drawing so apparent, and a result full of character. You inspire me – I really must try harder with my drawings to get looser.
    No 9 is just as good. I love your use of line, vertical strokes and cross-hatching. Looking back through your 1-8 faces for 29 Faces I’m so impressed by your talent.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jez! I’ve loved ink and line for years now and am very glad to return to it for the 29 Faces challenge after a long hiatus. :)

  2. I’m happy to hear you’re getting back into the swing of things! It’s inspiring too!

    This reminds me of the Tom Waits CD you made for me and me, after liking it, inadvertently buying the same CD in search for new tunes =)

    1. I’m very glad for it, too! Now all I have to do is maintain it; which is probably the second hardest challenge next to breaking the stagnant inertia I tend to get mired in.

      I remember that! That’s just testament to how fun his music is. :)

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