September Face 12

PJ Harvey!
PJ Harvey!

Tonight I’m heading to an art show to check out some vinyl art! I’m pretty green when it comes to the art toy thing and am looking forward to learning about it.

I’lll be out showing my support for some artsy people I know and maybe bidding on some awesome art to help out some kids.

Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Paper

After many months off diligently filling and cleaning and maintaining a hummingbird feeder in our back yard my boyfriend and I are ecstatic to announce that they have finally appeared! We have a small brown female and a green and red male that frequent our feeder now. There may also be a small brown and red male, though that’s still up for debate.

They’re remarkably fast, agile, cute and territorial. While they don’t hesitate to run each other away from the feeder they are quickly scared off by a lone bee.

It is my hope that soon we will have many more flocking to our yard!


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