September Face 24

A little whimsy.
A little whimsy.

About a month ago I began attending yoga classes at WAAS Gallery every Wednesday and the instructor (Christina Collazo of Imagine Yoga) has ignited within me a supreme interest in yoga. I’ve been making good strides toward incorporating it into my weekly life. My aim is to practice yoga daily but for now I’m happy to have a go at it a couple of times a week on my own in addition to a class or two when I can afford it. Luckily, I can handle two classes this week: my usual Wednesday morning romp and then an intense class earlier this evening.

My morning began at 3:45 am when my alarm clock rang me out of sleep. After a quick breakfast and cup of tea it was straight to work until mid-day, home for lunch, soap-making, meal prepping for my fellow’s lunch tomorrow, minor gardening, an early dinner then a Vinyasa yoga class I can only describe as purifying. I was so drenched in sweat after the class tonight the salt began to make my skin itch on the drive home! My muscles are weak and promise to be sore tomorrow, my mind is adrift in some blissful post-workout, yogic glow and I can’t wait to go back!

All of that and I still hadn’t drawn a face! After a liter of water and a small snack I was ready to turn out a face. I’m still enjoying the freedom of drawing doodles from my imagination and so I carried that over into this drawing. I’m not sure how they know each other, but they certainly seem to.

These long days are exhausting but I’m grateful I had the energy to get through today sans nap. Now, I think I may end up falling asleep before I finish my bourbon!


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