29 Faces February 2014 Begins!

Acrylic on Matboard
Acrylic on Matboard

Since September of 2013 I have eagerly awaited the next 29 Faces Challenge. Having lost track of time; I forgot today was the first of February and was delighted to learn it is the first day of the challenge! I began this month’s challenge with a quick little painting in acrylic.

Also, I am turning in my painting for the For the Love of Kettle show. I’m glad the gallery made a comeback and I look forward to the different seminars and shows they’ll host in the future!

Acrylic on Board
Acrylic on Board

I struggled with this one a lot at the onset and after an evening spent dallying, leaving, returning, trying, failing, leaving, waiting and failing a few more times I arrived at a small, silly phoenix hopping from the embers. I hope it finds a loving, new home at the show next Saturday.


12 thoughts on “29 Faces February 2014 Begins!

  1. First face and what a delight, love the carefree looseness of the strokes that give this face form! The Phoenix is also great, and the perfect symbol for a re-birth :)

    1. Thank you, Shelle! You’re right! I hadn’t even considered the phoenix relating to the 29 Faces project but it’s certainly fortuitous timing!

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