Sofa Elbow

Last night my attempt at slumber was plighted by restlessness. Rather than disturb my fellow’s sleep I migrated to the living room sofa: a small, raspy, antique with a threadbare wool blanket for warmth. Not surprisingly, my sleep did not improve. After many hours of tossing and turning I passed out, on my right side, facing the back cushions of the sofa. A couple short hours later I woke with a very painful right elbow. In my pain-induced semi-wakefulness I shuffled back to bed and fell promptly asleep only to awakened a couple hours later by my alarm.

Halfway through the day and my elbow still protests being bent, straightened, laden or leaned upon. Luckily today has been spent doing small art and packing up lavender soaps for Robin, my Radiant Fettle stockist. I’m excited to say I’ll need to make some more lavender soap this coming week!


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