Twilite Snippet

Between us grew a topical understanding of wavering normalcy and its weight in our minds became a steady thread slipped through a shivering needle and shoved unceremoniously through an existence as soft as burlap. Those patterns so similar they turned polarized. Those minds so alike they reflected antitheses. Washed in a sameness full of discomfort as startling as a slightly too-warm pool grown green with algae.

“You’re farther from existing than ever you’ve been!” She pummeled the words like origami swans against a rain-slicked umbrella. I, less acrobatic and feeling jovial, numbed my tongue with dirty slush.

Claustrophobia encroached, ever so tenderly, leaving no space for air for the walls were vacuumed against us. Other patrons pressed frightened away, clawing to separate our molten bodies.


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