Dead Mice & Giant Hummingbirds

Through the thick, tinted glass I pointed out the many large hummingbirds attending to the trees in the courtyard. They easily measured a foot from beak to tail. My friend had a hard time seeing them, she looked carefully into the courtyard, searching for these giant, small birds I told her about, but had no luck seeing any. There were dozens of them flitting about and hanging in the air like cotton on a still day, but I felt I was the only one to whom they were visible.

We left the office and walked through the arid neighborhood: a city street with sparse buildings on either side. No grass adorned the lawns here, only orange sand and giant, flowering cacti.

We parted ways at the testing center and I went in to find my fellow. He sat at a long, low table. It was one of many chained together in a hallway. There were a few other people in the hall talking quietly or reading. I sat across the table from my fellow and greeted him, holding his hand.

When the bell rang I left the table and entered a testing room. I sat at a desk next to a blonde woman who lit up with joy upon my arrival. We whispered to each other throughout the test, which was very casually administered, and became fast friends. She followed me to the table at which my fellow sat once we both finished our test and sat down next to him as I sat in my previous spot directly across from him. He and I held hands and kissed over the table then I went to fetch books.

Upon my return I saw my new, blonde friend sitting directly against my fellow, her hand on his knee. She made no move to distance herself as I returned. I looked at her, bewildered and explained to her how betrayed I felt. She became embarrassed when my fellow chimed in and reiterated my sentiment. Embarrassed not because she was caught, or wrong, but because she knew then she could not succeed in wooing him away from me.

She moved away from him, her face burning, all the while excuses and misdirection tumbled from her mouth.

My fellow and I left through the rear exit of the center and found seats in a desert garden. There snuck about our feet small, bald, sickly mice. The poor rodents fell to the ground in droves, dead.

Dream snippet.


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