HeadHelloI did some digging yesterday and look what I found! A lovely aoudad (barbary sheep) skull! The horns are long and undamaged, the teeth are intact and the bone promises to be a pretty, pale yellow once the sun and ants are finished with it! This is probably of my favorite skulls in my collection so far: it’s right up there with the bird skulls and young buck. My collection is growing and I am expecting a couple new additions soon! I’ll post pictures when they arrive!

If you’re a fan of my skull pictures and other raunchy photographs of decay, visit Dear Deer  (https://dearhead.wordpress.com/posts/). There you will see nasty, rotten-fleshed, maggot-ridden photographs accompanied by melodramatic, sick ramblings! Yay!

Let me take this moment to say I’m excited for the recent developments in my country’s legislation. I am an LGBQT+ ally and am overjoyed to see this day come to pass. It is well past due. I could rant and rave but will keep this blog for my arts and leave politics and my declining patience for the outspoken, barbarous zealots in my small circles for my personal diary, nestled between pages where I track my period and bitch about hangnails.


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