A Weekend & A Cat

Polyp Reclining

My fellow’s cat is generally a great model for practicing as she sits at length by the window looking regal and at ease. On occasion she develops a keen interest in the camera and makes efforts to rub her face on it while I’m attempting to take her picture. It’s pretty cute, if mildly agitating.

Small Forest King

I’ve been slowly regaining ground in my creative endeavors – finding some semblance of balance between the many things calling out to me: soap-making, drawing, painting, photography, writing, singing. I still feel an overwhelming emotional fatigue much of the time, but it does seem to be slowly receding. Part of what has helped is the book club I began with my friend: reading gets me out of head and away from my woes for a spell.

I still plan on making a valiant go at drawing/painting 1,000 faces this year, though I can’t help but laugh when I think or speak of it.

November’s approach raises in me trepidation and excitement: November marks the anniversary of a loved one’s passing and I think I’ll participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I had the luck of being self-employed during November and so had ample time to devote to writing. I also had a kernel of an idea for my story; whereas this year, I am employed full-time and haven’t a clue what I would like write about.

Maybe my increased writing will inspire more frequent blog posts; I know I’ve neglected this year.


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