The ArtSeen Studio Tour was a blast!

IMG_9449 IMG_9450 IMG_9447 IMG_2172

This weekend I was set up in the garage at Fresh Paint Studio for the 5th annual ArtSeen Studio Tour – I had a great time! The weather ended up being perfect, the company was superb and there were several people who enjoyed my art! (They enjoyed it so much, in fact, they took it home!) Above are some snapshots from the event of my cozy garage set up. It was perfect because the wind couldn’t get to my small paper works and wreak havoc.

I’ve attended several of the previous ArtSeen Studio Tours, but this is my first time participating in one. While it was a shame to miss out on the other tour stops, I had so much fun sharing my art with people.

I am so grateful and appreciative of Misty (Fresh Paint Studio) for inviting me to participate and hosting my art for the duration of the tour!

You can see a couple more photos on my Flickr, most of which are of Misty’s gorgeous garden.


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