Ink & Enamel & Bone

Ink & Enamel & Bone Ink & Enamel & Bone

Yesterday I took time to create some new art. I had amassed a small collection of animal skulls (and a couple of other various bones) with the intention of creating something new with them. I don’t remember from where I attained this skull: it was either given me by a friend, or I found it in an antique shop. It had a poorly-applied silver spray paint over it’s entire surface, which did not adhere well to the bone and was chipping and flaking away. After spending a few seasons outside, most of the spray paint was gone, only a little remained in the guarded parts of the skull; it was ready for some experimentation.

Given the porous nature of the bone and the tendency of old bones to dry and crumble, I felt a very fluid medium would work best and decided to use sumi ink and a metallic enamel. Lucky for me, they both permeated the bone and stayed on the surface – as opposed to soaking in completely and looking very faded. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Burnace the Furnace Burnace Concept Sketches

I also spent a good part of the day yesterday working on a little ink drawing of a dragon. I’ve recently become enamored with a mobile game, and it has revived in me a passion for things fantastic and whimsical. (That, and reading more of late has fired up my imagination, as well.) I generally don’t spend much time planning a drawing, which is a lazy trait I am working on breaking, and decided to do some quick concept/composition sketches before beginning. I even did a light pencil underdrawing before putting ink to vellum! You can see the gap between my initial ideas and final execution – I find it entertaining.

This month is NaNoWriMo & NaPhoPoMo (National Novel Writing Month & National Photograph Posting Month) and I’ve yet to begin anything! I have a sliver of an idea for a story I might write, but nowhere near enough of an idea to hit the 50,000 word goal. My hope is that once I begin writing the story emerges of its own accord. I just discovered NaPhoPoMo today, and may well have a go at that, too!

Just a note to those interested: both the skull & Burnace are for sale. Contact me for more information.


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