Slowly Slowly Sadness


Oh, a silly Trump face. Isn’t he pretty?


A quick study of Humeur Nocturne by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Her face is muddled, but I think it still counts toward one of my 29 for this month.
I’ve decided to attempt 1,000 faces again this year, as it was such a resounding success last year! We shall see how it goes.

I’ve also had a growing inclination to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and I’m thinking I might like to pursue it in fine art – painting or drawing or both.


A Valentine’s moose, drawn but not delivered.
Oh well, such is life.

A dramatic little snippet about it:

A small series of hurts, collected like drops in a red mug, slid down from the shadowy side of the mind. One, then another, assuaged and comforted, hidden behind a brave face and quelled by a shy tingling and roaring excitement.

A night, dark and starry with a gaping, wide sky, brought a hurt, larger and more fluid than the rest, akin to them all. There is a consolation, albeit small, in knowing it will be the last hurt.

If I’ve been told the truth, as I suspect I have, it is for the best.

I am crestfallen, but resilient. It stings, but that will fade.

This blog is a lovely stage for my theatrics. My theatrics are fabulous exercise for my creativity.

To end on a positive note: I had a valiant go at NaNoWriMo in 2014 and popped out a novella. I’ve finally opened it up again to edit, revise, send out some copies to be looked over by friends, then, finally, I will attempt to have it published. I will say, it was written in a rush, and I was expecting it to be pretty rough, but the first paragraphs have surprised me. Maybe I won’t need to spend months editing it as I originally thought.


6 thoughts on “Slowly Slowly Sadness

  1. You’re incredible Woman! I love your distinct drawing style with lots of lines. That moose.. .oh my he breaks my heart. Trump – LOL! I am honored that you visited my blog and said kind things about my dear Aunt. We all start somewhere though, right? I do hope you’ll follow your heart (head?) to a Fine Arts degree. You clearly have the talent and learning more can only make you better and perhaps open some doors for you that aren’t open yet. Or perhaps other forms of art?

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! I really appreciate your kind words. Your drawings are beautiful. And yes, we all start somewhere.
      We’ll see how the fine art degree pans out; I’ve only had the thought within the past week, but am pretty smitten with it. I think, if nothing else, having a bachelor’s degree would open some doors for me.

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