barbary-sheep-teeth-slef-portrait_25032260542_oMy lovely mug posing with my barbary sheep skull.

With the weather becoming absolutely gorgeous I’m eager to get out-of-doors and pick the spiderwebs from my collection.


Viva La Hillary!
Quick sketch of my favorite candidate. Given the current attack on women’s rights to health and domain over their own bodies, and given my possessing lady bits, I can’t help but favor a politician who promises to put an end to the puritanical, dark-ages inspired attempts to control women’s bodies.

Bernie & Bernie & Bernie
(Bernie Sanders, Jack Black as Bernie Tiede, Bernie Tiede)

I think this brings my total February face count up to 15. I’m making pretty good progress! I’m going to hash out another 10-20 this weekend, maybe more if I end up in a good flow.

Last night I had a movie date with dad; we saw The Witch. I was disappointed. I’m a total wimp where scary movies are concerned, and this one, over the course of the 2 or so hours it ran, created only a few moments of suspense for me. I can imagine those who don’t find frightening movies frightening were bored to tears and numb asses. That said, it did have a couple of visuals which I really enjoyed and might explore in some sketches.

I’m working through my blog pages and updating them. Just wrapped up the About the Artist page and will undertake the Artist Statement sometime soon.


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