Borrowed Books

To put it another way, more briefly; we no longer have, as past societies have had, any picture of Individual Man (Stoic Philosopher, Christian Religious, Rational Gentleman) by which to recognize ourselves and against which to measure ourselves; we are anything. But if anything, then nothing, and it is not everyone who can live with that, though it is our true present position. Hence our willingness to locate ourselves from something that is certainly larger than ourselves, the society that contains us.

Robert Bolt


Long overdue.

I apologize again for my long absence. I’m working hard to remedy the situation.

First I’ll update on what I’ve received from my wonderful friend at A&M.

This is a beautiful drawing my friend sent me of a window. It reads “Imagine what lies outside…”

She also sent a lovely boondoggle that reads “Life is for living,” and has an interesting rock attached to the end, it looks like an arrowhead.


I’ve also prepared quite a few things to send out. Here are a couple of sneaky mice that will be traveling to their new homes over the next few days.

That’s all I’ll post of these special packages for the time being, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise.

I also sent out a post card quite some time ago to my post-pal over in Australia.

“As Randolph stood in the elevator he repeated his mantra aloud, “I will succeed in this endeavor.” It was the day of his big meeting with the future. He had done all he could to prepare: he practiced his greeting and etiquette, wore his best suit, and had attempted to get a full night’s rest. An upward glance at the slowly increasing numbers made Randolph realize the present was precious.”

Acrylic and ink on a post card.

And a quick update:The sheep has been named Barnaby, and has been entered into a student show at school.