I received a really lovely postcard from my friend down at A&M. I’m really diggin’ the silver and gold with the ink details.

Thanks for the post!
I’ll have one for you soon, promise!


Long overdue.

I apologize again for my long absence. I’m working hard to remedy the situation.

First I’ll update on what I’ve received from my wonderful friend at A&M.

This is a beautiful drawing my friend sent me of a window. It reads “Imagine what lies outside…”

She also sent a lovely boondoggle that reads “Life is for living,” and has an interesting rock attached to the end, it looks like an arrowhead.


I’ve also prepared quite a few things to send out. Here are a couple of sneaky mice that will be traveling to their new homes over the next few days.

That’s all I’ll post of these special packages for the time being, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise.

I also sent out a post card quite some time ago to my post-pal over in Australia.

“As Randolph stood in the elevator he repeated his mantra aloud, “I will succeed in this endeavor.” It was the day of his big meeting with the future. He had done all he could to prepare: he practiced his greeting and etiquette, wore his best suit, and had attempted to get a full night’s rest. An upward glance at the slowly increasing numbers made Randolph realize the present was precious.”

Acrylic and ink on a post card.

And a quick update:The sheep has been named Barnaby, and has been entered into a student show at school.

Windy Ways

Making my own postcards is great; they’re very personal, and great exercise for my creative muscle. Here are two more I’ve done:

Here is a work in progress scan, in case you’re at all curious about the process.
“Shep could feel it in the air: this was a perfect morning for setting wishes free. He climbed through his window to the fire escape, and ascended three floors to the top of the building. From the roof Shep could see a few blocks of city brownstones and apartments. The sun had yet to creep over the skyscraped horizon, but the sky to the east was already blushing with anticipation. As people began to shuffle from their doors to their cars Shep grasped a wish from his mind and let it get swept away on the wind. He had one for every soul that had lost it’s spark.”

Koh-I-Noor ink on textured cardstock.

“Illya knew that the earth loomed below her always; the red, sun-baked soil hot enough to burn bare feet. A cool wind was blowing from the East bearing on it good luck and fanciful daydreams. As Illya swang higher and higher she felt her worries leaving her; they were carried away on the wings of a passing gull. She knew they would eventually find her again, but for the time being she was free and flying high above the parched earth.”

Koh-I-Noor ink on textured cardstock.

{Please pardon anatomical errors, these were not done with any reference material, so they’re bound to have some funky proportions in there.}

Chipmunk Perfection!
I received a wonderful post card from my lovely friend at A&M yesterday:He is absolutely superb!
She felt the same way, and left him unaltered.

I’ve got big plans!
I hope to create enough work to have a small show at a coffee house by the end of this year. I figure 25 – 30 pieces should be enough to display. (Keep in mind most are small. The post cards are 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.) I figure that if I create 5 to 6 works a week that will leave 2 to 3 for me to save for a show.
I am also planning on buckling down and doing more studies from life in graphite, ink, watercolour, and acrylic. I think doing one quick study (between 5 and 20 minutes) each day will really help me improve.

The Grand Baba and Pirates

As promised, here are the first two post cards. I suppose they’d be considered ‘art cards’ rather than conventional post cards. I much prefer making my own to altering others.

“The Grand Baba was looked up to by many, the resident babushkas in particular sought her guidance. Having lived longer than time could count she was wise beyond comprehension, and patient. In times of fear and strife she encouraged hope and progress, in times of peace and joy she taught introspection and appreciation.”

This one went to my sister.
Koh-I-Noor ink on cardstock.

“love’s function is to fabricate unkownness”
-e.e. cummings

This one went to my friend in Georgia.
Koh-I-Noor ink on cardstock.
{A ton of itty lines! I like the way they look, and while I’m drawing them they’re calming, similar to pointillism.}

I also received a post card from my lovely friend at A&M for Talk Like a Pirate Day.It’s an authentic pirate ship!
(It came in Monday evening, but I just now had a chance to scan things in.)

Disjointed Goodness

I received a nice package from my lovely friend today.

She wrote a great letter that spanned two cards. The pictures are of the Wisconsin Dells, her family has vacationed there a few times.

Here is the CD she sent me; it’s decorated with pretty flowers, and full of great songs. I think my favorite of the bunch is the “Swing a Cat” song. :) 

She also included a brochure from an exhibit she went to see of J.C. Leyendecker’s art. She tells me his art is amazing in person, really vivid and exciting.

A Cathedral & Winter Preparations

Today I received a great post card from my lovely friend at A&M!

 The immaculate St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

I also sent out a little note and picture to my young cousin. 

Koh-I-Noor ink on Curious Translucent 36 lb. text paper

“This is Spencer, the chipmunk. As you can see he is very busy preparing for the cold months ahead.
He found an acorn today, what a lucky chipmunk!
It’s a good thing he got to work early, the cold winter wind is already a-blowin’!”

Koh-I-Noor and Sharpie ink on cardstock.

Ballet de Rêves

I received a lovely post card yesterday:It was a thank you card letting me know that Isabelle had arrived safely at her new home at A&M.“This is Isabelle, she’s a precocious little bunny. You can see here that she’s playing in a field of pretty pink flowers. Her friends are just out of the picture, they were too shy to have portraits done.
They can cause a lot of mischief even though they are shy!”